Daycare as a business

Daycare as a business

As you’ve probably heard in Canada, people are constantly talking about the lack of places in daycares. This problem especially acute today when a lockdown in Ontario was announced for the third time. And many parents are forced to work remotely. You can see how difficult it is when you have toddlers. Of course, on the surface – more daycares are required! Have you thought about opening your daycare? Better Than Home Agency offers to discuss why starting a licensed home daycare is a great business project in 2021.

We understand that the first thoughts of starting your daycare can be daunting.

  • What is the process of opening a home daycare?
  • How do I get a license?
  • How to organize planning and reporting?
  • How to prepare a home to accommodate children?
  • How to organize the daily routine and activities for children?

Better Than Home Agency is here to guide you step by step in this path. We are ready to help you and make this process simple and straightforward. So let’s start with the first step. Who is the Licensed Home Daycare business suitable for?

For owners of unlicensed home daycares

If you already have a home daycare, you may want to consider licensing. Formally certifying your place will allow you to tell your parents that your daycare meets the highest standards in Ontario. In this way, you will build trust with your customers. A licensed daycare allows you to increase the number of children from five to six per caregiver. Accordingly, it will increase your income.

Professional educators

If you have experience with children in kindergarten or school, you might consider starting your daycare. Thus, you can select children of a certain age in a group, create your development and play programs, set a schedule for your kindergarten, offer additional services for children. As a result, you will gain independence and will be able to realize your creative and pedagogical potential.

Newcomers in Canada

If you recently immigrated to Ontario and are looking for a job or business idea, then consider starting your daycare. You can be sure that your work will be an important social support for the local community. Yes, there is a strong demand for these services! Moreover, Better Than Home Agency guarantees your income and comprehensive support!

For mothers with children

Can’t work full time because your kids aren’t still on the kindergarten line? Start a new career with your kids! Your daycare will register your children first. For the remaining places, you can accept other children (six – the number of your children = the number of commercial places in your childcare). You independently organize the development and play of your children. You give them companionship and new friends. You are pursuing an important social mission in your community. After all, you make money!

  • In turn, the Better Than Home agency will support you along the way.
  • We will show you how to fulfill the requirements of the Province of Ontario to obtain a license.
  • We will inform you about preparing your home for the launch of a daycare.
  • We will help with planning and financial accounting.
  • We will find the first pupils for you and provide you with a steady income.
  • We can help you get government grants to lower your business start-up costs (for Peel, York, and Simcoe County).
  • We will provide ongoing administrative and pedagogical support to each of our providers.

For more information and a free consultation, call us now or fill out the form.

If your friends or colleagues might find this article helpful, do not hesitate to share it on your social media. Better Than Home Agency is happy to assist you in placing your child in childcare or starting your licensed home daycare.

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