How to Find Clients for Your Home Daycare Online

How to Find Clients for Your Home Daycare Online. Part 1

Finding new clients is always stressful for small business owners, especially daycare providers. Here are some reasons:

You are primarily an educator, not a marketer or account manager.
You don’t have time for marketing and advertising. There is no sign or other advertisement near your house.

  • The Internet allows us to meet new people, i.e. Reach out to potential customers who may live down the street but don’t know you.
  • The Internet makes it possible to reduce advertising costs compared to traditional advertising.
  • The Internet has been cooperation for a long time! You can gain more credibility and prove yourself as a professional educator and recognized expert through your presence on social media.

If you want to know what tools to use to engage clients in your home daycare, keep reading this post.


If you don’t have a website for home daycare, this is the first place you should start. Having a website will increase your center’s credibility, while not having one will make your business less trustworthy for parents considering preschool options.

It doesn’t have to be a big website; a one-page website is enough, like a business card.

Think about the content you will post on the website.

  • Make a welcome block, where briefly tell the name of your daycare, your main advantage, location, and contact.
  • Tell the story of your daycare, and highlight your advantages and features.
  • Make a gallery with the interior of the daycare. You can also include photos from the daily life of your kindergarten. Don’t post too many images. Upload 12 to 24 shots; that’s enough to get to know each other. Update photos on the website regularly, such as once a year.
  • Tell us about your educational programs, classes, events and entertainment.
  • Explain how daycare works.
  • Describe meal plans.
  • Give links to the conditions and forms of admission and rules.
  • Consider linking your website to a Google Business Profile. So that visitors can get acquainted with parents’ reviews and the daycare’s location.
  • Make a call to action. For example, take a school tour! Or call to place your child in daycare. Then leave contacts and links to your social media profiles.

How To Create A Home Daycare Website?

You can create a website yourself, for example, on Wix. This is a website builder for users without programming knowledge. You buy a domain (the name of your website), choose a Wicks plan (the platform charges a monthly fee for usage), choose a template, and add your content.

You can order a website for your daycare from our partners. They will create a website with easy navigation and eye-catching design. Optimize your content and site for search engines and proper viewing on desktop and mobile devices. Also, they will include website analytics. If you need help creating a website, please contact us!

The next part will discuss customer acquisition through social media and Google Business Profile.

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