Member of the CWELCC Program

Monkeys Club

Provider: Iryna Osoba
City: Mississauga, ON
Street Intersection: Osprey Blvd & Ninth Line
Languages: English, Russian and Ukrainian


Monkeys Club, located at Osprey Blvd & Ninth Line in Mississauga, ON, offers a quality early childhood program in a safe and nurturing environment. The daycare is run by Iryna Osoba, a qualified educator with extensive experience. At Monkeys Club, children are encouraged to develop independence, confidence, and a positive sense of themselves and the world around them. The program is offered in English, Russian, and Ukrainian, making it accessible to a diverse group of children. The facility is licensed and features a developmental program tailored to each child’s needs. Homemade meals are provided daily, ensuring balanced and nutritious food. Children also enjoy an outdoor playground, promoting physical activity and social interaction.

Daycare Highlights

Monkeys Club prides itself on offering a comprehensive set of features designed to support your child’s growth and development. Here are some highlights:

Licensed Care

Monkeys Club operates as a licensed daycare, ensuring high standards of safety and quality.

Qualified Educator

Iryna Osoba, our provider, has extensive work experience and qualifications in early childhood education.

Developmental Program

Our tailored developmental program supports each child’s unique learning needs and growth.

Homemade Food

Children receive homemade meals daily, ensuring they eat nutritious and balanced food.

Outdoor Playground

The outdoor playground provides a safe space for physical activity and social play.

Multilingual Program

Services are offered in English, Russian, and Ukrainian, catering to a diverse community.

Enrollment Opportunities

Monkeys Club currently has available spots. Contact us to secure a place for your child in our nurturing environment.

No Spots Available
September 1, 2024

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