Happy New Year

Happy New Year

A very Happy New Year to you! Enjoy this upcoming year to the fullest and celebrate it with lots of life and energy. May this upcoming year bring to you many more good times to cherish and enjoy.

Better Than Home wishes daycare providers a prosperous New Year, exciting events and vivid impressions! We are always ready to support you in business, and we will rejoice in your achievements, which will undoubtedly happen in 2022!

With lots of love and warm hugs, we are wishing you a very Happy New Year! We want our children: may you be as chirpy as birds, as cute as a panda and as adorable as a bunny. May you are always smiling, giggling and spread love in our lives.

We wish our parents harmony and love in themselves!
Be happy in the coming year!

The end of the year is so close you can count down the hours. Thank you to the year that’s ending – a year that was difficult, confounding, and saturated with moments of happiness, disappointment, success, achievement, and rotten luck. For too many people, this year also brought tragedy and significant hardship.

This year also brought our team closer together. Somehow, in continuously unprecedented times, we’re still growing, making mistakes, fixing them, learning from them, and moving forward in our profession as early childhood educators.

This year taught us the difficult yet critical lesson that every day is a gift and an opportunity to value and care for the people we love. It also showed the world that our work, the work of caring for the youngest in our communities, is essential, life-affirming, and important to dozens of people, both little and all grown up.

To our Better Than Home community, thank you for your support and for trusting us with your treasured children. Our agency has a lot of plans for the year to come, including expanding the range of primary languages of care offered by providers. Stay in touch!

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