How to Find Clients for Your Home Daycare Online

How to Find Clients for Your Home Daycare Online. Part 2

Today we will continue to discuss the topic of how to find clients online for your home kindergarten.
Read the first part (Home daycare website) here.

Google Business Profile

Are you planning to create a Google profile for your business? A Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) is one of the best and cheapest forms of online advertising for home daycare owners who are mainly focused on getting customers from a specific location near you. With a local business profile, your potential customers will be able to find you when they search on Google. In addition, this profile is very easy to maintain, which will allow you to manage it yourself and attract more and more new customers.

1. Open the page where you will start creating your business profile on Google

2. Check whether your profile already exists on Google
In the first step, you need to verify that your company’s profile does not already appear in Google search and Google maps by chance. Sometimes, Google, based on data from the Internet and various sites, creates a profile of your company in Google.

If you see nothing after entering your company’s name, click on Add your business to Google
On the other hand, if you can see your company’s profile, click on it and verify and acquire it.

3. Company Name and Category

Enter an exact business name – one by which users can search for your business.
Enter a category – you can choose it from those available.

4. Select if you want your customers to see your business address
Here you have to choose if you want customers to know the address of your business and be able to map a route to it. Consider whether or not you want customers to see a pin with your business address marked on it and be able to map a route to it.

Many companies choose – Yes

4.1 If you selected – Yes
If you have chosen to add the company’s address (physical location) to your business listing, you must complete the address details.

You need to specify in them:

Postal code (if any)
Enter the physical location of your business

4.2 If you marked – no or yes
*After selecting no in the previous step or at the end of the step after selecting yes

Here you need to enter the areas where your business provides its services (if it does). Google says these should not be areas farther than a 2.5-hour drive from your company.

Just enter the cities or zip codes. You can add several.

5. Enter your contact information

6. Verify your company profile on Google
The final step is the verification process of your company’s Google profile. You have to choose how you want to verify your business profile on Google at this stage.

Sometimes you will be given one verification option. Sometimes you will be given many, from which you can choose one that is most convenient for you. Unfortunately, the forms of the verification of Google business profiles are entirely up to Google, and you can not impact it.

Remember that your business profile on Google will not be visible until you verify it.

Now, fill in some basic information about your company

1. Give company opening business hours

2. Accept messages to the company.
This step indicates that you accept messages sent by users to your company. You can later manage them in a specially prepared section.

3. Add a company description
Here it would be best if you created a short but valuable user description of your company which will be visible on Google. Focus first of all on informing your users about:

What your company does
For whom is your offer
What distinguishes it from its competitors
Invite to use its offer

You have 750 characters to write it. Go ahead!

4. Add photos to the company profile
In this step, add some photos related to your company. Know that photos are an easy way for customers to quickly find out more about what your company looks like inside and out, who works there, and what products or services it offers.

Don’t hesitate to add photos from categories such as:

Exterior Photos
Photos from inside
Photos of your employees
Photos of services rendered
Photos of your work

Now, remember to constantly manage it and increase its visibility, which will result in more customers interested in your company and the products or services it offers. Regularly (at least once a week) add new posts, and photos, and ask your parents and colleagues to leave reviews.

Track development dynamics in the statistics section. Remember, regular activity will allow your home daycare to become more visible against the background of competitors.

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