How to start a Home Daycare

How to start a Home Daycare

Do you like spending time with children? Would you like to start a licensed home daycare? But you don’t know where to start? Do not worry! In this article, we will walk you through the whole process of starting a home daycare step by step.


It’s no secret that starting a home daycare is a multi-step and complex process that will require you to be confident in your decision. Therefore, read this article carefully; this will answer any questions. Next, ask yourself some questions. For example:

  • Do you want to spend the whole day with your children every day? Can you be for them not only a nanny but also an older friend, mentor, play partner, teacher?
  • Are you ready to perform the functions of an educator and an organizer in a daycare? You will need to organize the daily routine for the children, deal with household issues (such as cooking, cleaning), communicating with parents, managing the daycare (creating a concept for your daycare, pricing, insurance, enrollment of children, following government regulations on safety and health). 

Of course, it doesn’t look effortless! Therefore, the Better Than Home daycare agency is at your service. We help our providers at every stage of the start-up and operation of the childcare. We will clarify all the questions and divide the start process into understandable and straightforward steps, which then go hand in hand. Thus, you are required to be confident in your desire.

Daycare Strategy

Daycare management is a multifaceted activity. The provider is an educator and makes a significant contribution to the development of the child. The provider is a communicator. He communicates with parents who are concerned about the behaviour, emotional state and development of their child. A good provider can answer all questions and advise on the child’s home development, such as games and learning. The provider is the manager. He equips the space, fulfills the requirements of the government, deals with essential details: the selection of toys, the organization of meals, the daily routine, walks, games, activities. The provider is the head of the business and can independently create the business strategy.

A business strategy is a long-term plan that helps to grow the business and increase its profits. How does this relate to a home daycare, with its precise function and strict restrictions? Although it has a great social function, home kindergarten is still a business that you open not only for the love of children but also as a source of income, which means that you are interested in increasing profits. Business strategy includes:

Daycare Features

Working hours, flexible conditions, exceptional food, a comfortable house and territory, a variety of activities, any methods of upbringing.

The difference between your daycare from your competitors

  • Find the pros of your competitors and make it even better!
  • Find the cons and don’t repeat these mistakes.
  • Find what makes you different and highlight those features!

Why choose you?

Location, conditions, communication, approach to problem-solving, cultural and/or linguistic component, day and class program. Add new ones! Find and polish your benefits.

How do you position yourself?

Do you have a website and/or social media pages, do you collect feedback, how do you showcase your work?

Obtaining a license

To obtain a license, you must complete some mandatory steps: pass some tests and pass health and safety checks. These requirements apply not only to the future provider of home daycare but also to his family members. And, of course, to the house where the daycare will be located. Requirements include:

To the provider

  • Standard First Aid & CPR-C – You are undergoing training and taking tests for first aid. It only takes a couple of days to prepare for such tests!
  • Health assessment – confirms that you do not have dangerous diseases and can lead a children’s team.
  • Immunization Records – Immunization programs are an important backbone of the Ontario healthcare system. You must provide a certificate of your vaccination.
  • Vulnerable Sector Check – the police are checking you.

Such checks guarantee the parents the reliability of the provider!

To family members of the provider

  • Health Assessment
  • Immunization Records
  • Vulnerable Sector Check

Such checks only apply to family members over the age of 18. It also ensures a safe environment for children.

To home

  • Fire inspection – inspection of fire safety.
  • Fire evacuation procedure – plan of action and evacuation in case of fire.
  • Emergency list – an emergency plan.
  • Insurance certificate – insurance of your home, taking into account your business and responsibility for children.

Following these procedures ensures a safe environment for children.

Administrative issues

  • Registration.
  • Taxation and accounting of income and expenses.
  • Document flow.
  • Organization of communication with parents.
  • Prepare your home. Decide on a place in the house for the children and prepare it. Buy or rent special furniture, flooring, wall stands, toys. Organize security.
  • Prepare your yard for baby walks. Provide fencing and safety. Prepare a playground and outdoor toys.
  • Organize meals for children. It would be best to think about who will cook for the children, the menu, the meal regime, the account of children’s allergies and exceptions.
  • Organization of walks. Walking mode. Outdoor games and activities.
  • Plan of games and activities. Think about the schedule and content of games and activities by the development goals and age of the children
  • Find the kids! One licensed home daycare is allowed to invite up to 6 children, including native children.

Remember, the Better Than Home agency will help you every step of the way! Daycares in the Peel, York, Simcoe regions (Ontario, Canada) may receive government financial assistance. Contact us by phone or email to request a free consultation.

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