How to place a child in Daycare

For Parents

Safety, Trust, and Development are our core values at Better Than Home Agency. We understand the importance of a home environment with a small number of kids, personal attention and care, and an individualized approach and schedule. We work to ensure the happiness and success of your children!


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Why Better Than Home Daycare Agency?

Better Than Home Agency is your partner and friend who will help you make the right choice.

Better Than Home requires detailed screening of each home childcare provider
Better Than Home creates individual report cards, which are always available to access
Better Than Home conducts visits; calls to make sure all policies are followed
Better Than Home promotes respect for every child and parent, caregiver, and staff member

Our Features


We offer Russian-speaking and English-speaking kindergartens. Children learn the language and culture while keeping the traditions of the family.

Daily Updates

As parents, you will receive daily updates, text and photo updates on your child’s sleep, nutrition, and activities throughout the day.


All of our providers are certified in First Aid and CPR and have undergone a criminal record check. All the premises have passed fire and health inspections.

Individualized Care

Small group allows home daycare providers to prepare programs tailored to each child’s unique interests and needs. Care is also differentiated based on age (infant: 8-17mo; toddler: 18mo to 2.5y; and preschooler: 2.5 to 4y).

Team-Based Approach

At Better Than Home, we understand that your child can best achieve their full potential when parents, providers, and agencies work closely together.

Play-Based Learning

The children explore the world around them through play and physical activity. Our providers create growth opportunities in every aspect of children’s development – language skills, motor skills, and cognitive skills.

Placement Process

Home daycare is the closest we can get to having our young children grow in the home’s comfortable and nurturing environment while allowing them to learn social skills and prepare to start school. Better Than Home ensures that providers are experienced in early childhood education and continuously driven to grow in their profession.


Fill The Form

Please send us an application for placing a child in daycare.


We will answer your questions and discuss your situation and prospects.

Take A Daycare Tour

Visit a daycare and get to know the provider.


Prepare documents and agree on a starting date.

Provide your child with a healthy, safe and attractive environment

We would be grateful for your feedback!
Also, you can write to us about your wishes, claims and requests.

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