Own A Home Daycare or Plan to Open?

It would be best if you thought about starting a home daycare

When you operate a home daycare, you provide an essential service to families in your community. You also use your own small business while performing highly skilled services for the children in your care. At Better Than Home, we know the skill, dedication, and expertise it takes to run a successful home daycare that delivers high-quality care. Our agency strives to recognize excellence and support our providers in learning in their field and earning a living for their families.

For owners of unlicensed daycares
For educators who want to start their own business
For beginners in childcare industry
For mothers on maternity leave

Why start a home daycare?


Operating a business from your home

Providing an essential service in your community

This is a unique opportunity to find a healthy balance between work & family

You are laying the foundation for the development of the children who come to you

What does the license give?

Parental Trust

Parents know that a license is a guarantee
of compliance with all necessary standards

Better Than Home daycare agency


Parents are confident that the teacher is
constantly improving his qualifications

Better Than Home Daycare Agency can help you set up your daycare

Set Up Your Daycare

Provide You with Ongoing Support

Place Your First Child

Why should you become a Licensed Home Daycare Operator
with Better Than Home?

Sixth Child

Legal ability to care for an additional sixth child


Increased trust from the community

Certainty in Pay

Guaranteed referrals to ensure a consistent income


Recognizing the professionalism and expertise of providers means giving them control of their programming

Administrative Support

Ongoing support in ensuring that your documentation and standards are in order

Help in Placing Children

While Better Than Home will help you find children if you need them, there is no obligation to use this service

Pedagogical Support

We will help you design your approach to childcare that aligns with provincial standards

Professional Development

Workshops, seminars, and materials on pedagogy and early childhood development

Equipment Rentals

Help get the tools you need to start your business (cots, high-chairs, educational equipment, etc.)

HiMama Support

HiMama app facilitates open communication with parents and enables contactless administrative operation of your daycare.

HiMama support
HiMama apps
Better Than Home daycare agency

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