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How To Start Licensed Home Daycare

Better Than Home Daycare Agency

For owners of unlicensed daycares

For educators who want to start business

For moms on maternity leave

For beginners in the childcare industry

Become a daycare provider

Better Than Home is dedicated to helping future home daycare providers like you achieve your dreams and make a positive impact in your community.

When you operate a home daycare, you provide an essential service to families in your community. You also use your own small business while performing highly skilled services for the children in your care.

You will be self-employed.
You will run the business from home.
You get a unique opportunity to find a healthy balance between work & family.
You are laying the foundation for the development of the children who come to you.

Why should you become a Licensed Home Daycare Provider with Better Than Home?

Sixth Child

Legal ability to care for an additional sixth child

Government Support

Access to government funding

Certainty In Pay

Guaranteed referrals to ensure a consistent income

Professional Development

We offer workshops, seminars, and materials on pedagogy and early childhood development

Equipment Rentals

Help get the tools you need to start your business (cots, high-chairs, educational equipment, etc.)

Administrative Support

Ongoing support in ensuring that your documentation and standards are in order

Start Process

Better Than Home Daycare Agency will go with you from the idea to the first day of work. We give you a comprehensive support at every stage of preparation and activity.



Contact us today, and we will answer your questions and discuss your situation and prospects.

Get A License

Complete the conditions for licensing. Finish the required background checks on the provider, family, and home.

Get Ready To Launch

Prepare your home for kids: furniture, tools, toys, materials.


We will help you find your children! Start and work!